Unitised Curtainwall Systems

AEL are the most experienced fabricator of unitised curtainwall systems in the UK. Our expertise in the engineering, manufacture, glazing (whether captive or SSG-bonded) and distribution to site has been employed by many leading UK and Continental facade contractors over the past 20 years.

Our unitised offer is backed-up by the fact that we are a Dow-Corning “Quality Bond” approved Structural Silicone applicator and approved Sika SSG applicator.

Fabrication, bonding and transport to site is substantially faster with AEL as opposed to other fabricators due to our unparalleled knowledge of the logistic requirements involved in successful unitised projects and the fact that we have made a substantial investment in lay-flat stillages. With our system, the unitized panels can be fabricated, glazed, cured (where SSG is used), transported and stored on site all on one single stackable container system.

Using our unique system, panels are put together and moved around our factory in their own individual pallet/stillage, in which they remain until removed from this protective packaging on site when they are craned straight out of the stillage and onto the building, without further handling (such as laying down flat before craning, as would be necessary with the use of toast racks or A-frames).

To save space, the lay-flat stillages can be stacked up to 10-high and are certified for handling both by crane and by forklift. They can also be easily moved around the building’s concrete deck on standard pump-trucks. This system both enables larger numbers of panels to be manufactured, glazed and cured at any time as well as hugely simplifying site handling.

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