Qualisteelcoat is an independent accreditation of quality, awarded to powder coating and wet-paint applicators who have proven their competence and excellence in applying decorative finishes to steel products.

AEL are the only architectural steel product fabricator/finisher in the UK who can offer this international quality label for powder coating on untreated steel or steel which has been Hot Dip Galvanized, Thermal Zinc Sprayed or electro-plate galvanised. Paint finishes by other fabricators and PPC applicators will probably be carried out using Qualicoat-approved materials. Qualicoat is a standard designed for finishing aluminium products, not steel, so it is completely inappropriate to associate Qualicoat with steel and, importantly, these materials and application processes will not be warranted for use on steel substrates.

AEL can provide Qualisteelcoat guarantees, which ensure exceptional anti-corrosion protection and longevity of finish.

In order to attain the Qualisteelcoat mark, AEL undergo regular independant audits to show that our processes and customer service have met or exceeded a range of key performance indicators. These include full compliance with rigorous standards and technical specifications, commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our processes and continuous in-house monitoring of quality standards as well as regular independent inspections.


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