Anti Ballistic (Bullet-Resistant) Glazing

AEL design, manufacture and install range of anti-ballistic glazed fixed screens, doors, windows and curtainwalls.

This range of glazed screens, windows, doors and curtainwalls are suitable for all types of commercial, residential and government buildings. They allow natural light into the building and have the added security advantage of providing clear vision of areas where it would otherwise be necessary to build solid walls.

All of our anti-ballistic systems are independently tested to EN1522/1523 with classifications available from FB4 (.44 magnum), through to FB6 (7.62mm NATO) and FB7 (7.62mm AP). Glazing is specially designed and compliant with EN1063. Project-specific testing is available at a range of recognised test-houses, where necessary.

Features and benefits:
  • • Allows the possibility of vision glazed bullet-resistant areas
  • • Windows can be configured to allow natural ventilation with automatic opening and closing.
  • • Doors can be incorporated with large areas of vision glass.
  • • Anti-ballistic glazing can allow free passage of light from the outside or within a building.
  • • Improved security as hidden areas can be minimised.
Safety Testing:
  • • EN 1522:1999 Windows, doors, shutters and blinds. Bullet resistance. Requirements and classification
  • • EN 1523:1999. Windows, doors, shutters and blinds. Bullet resistance. Test method.
  • • EN1063 EN 1063:2000 Glass in building. Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack
A short video explaining the difference between Integrity & Insulation glazing and Integrity-Only glazing. Both glass panels are half-hour fire rated, the one on the right is 30 minutes Integrity-Only whereas the one on the left is 30 minutes Integrity and Insulation. In this test both perform according to their specification. However, radiant heat is allowed to pass directly through the Integrity-Only glazing, causing the furnishings on the "safe side" to ignite.
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The fact that a client could have a requirement for anti-ballistic or bullet-resistant glazing indicates that the client perceives a substantial risk to planned attack on their facilities. For that…


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