Structural Glazing

A pioneering architectural technique such as structural glazing owes its impact to a sophisticated blend of inspired optical effects and innovative facade technology. But cutting-edge technical solutions of this kind can only be realized if all the elements and products used comply with the strictest of specifications and are installed with perfect workmanship.

Silicone structural glazing is a method utilizing a silicone adhesive to attach glass, metal, or other panel material to the structure of a building. Therefore there are no external caps or beads, allowing an almost unbroken external facade. Windload and other impact loads on the façade are transferred from the glass or panel, through the structural silicone sealant to the structure of the building. Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) is a high performance application, the silicone sealant must maintain adhesive and cohesive integrity as the façade is subjected to windload and thermal stresses throughout its life.

AEL are a Dow Corning "Quality Bond" approved applicator and our expertise is based on the experience of Dow Corning supporting structural glazing projects for over 30 years and the "Quality Bond" mark ensures the ultimate in quality control, quality assurance and product application by our specialist silicone fabricators and applicators fully trained and regularly audited by the world leader in this sophisticated architectural technique.

As part of Dow Corning's "Quality Bond" network, AEL enjoy priority technical support for project calculations and laboratory testing. This ensures that the full review of all structural joint designs and the necessary approval of substrates and contact materials takes the shortest time possible.

Structural Glazing
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