Cold-Plated Metal Finishing

AEL's coatings division specialise in sprayable metal surface finishes, including Bronze, Brass, Copper and Iron (giving a similar finish to Cor-Ten).

Our process comprises mixture of extremely highly-refined metal powder and an activated binder, resulting in a cold liquid composite metal which is applied by a special spray process. After the drying process the surfaces show similar properties as cast metal.

Through our process we provide a strong and durable metallic surface, which can be chemically patinated or polished and subsequently protected. This process is not limited to our own window, door and curtainwall profiles. AEL are able to cold-plate all manner of metallic and non-metallic substrate materials including architectural GRP, castings and even machined timber and MDF.

This cutting edge process can enable the production of items in specialist metal finishes which would either be uneconomical or impossible in solid metal.

Cold-Plated Metal Finishing
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